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Meet JC Yasutani 068 Tex 8126

JC Yasutani 068 Tex 8126 (FB 10098), or, as we call him, “Sensei”, was originally an embryo bred by legendary American Wagyu breeder, Bubba Kay. He was then purchased as an embryo by Chisholm Cattle Company. Sensei was born in December of 2008. In October 2010, Winters Family Beef purchased him from Chisholm Cattle Company and promptly began using him as the primary bull for our entire herd of over 80 Angus and Angus-crossed mother cows. For over 5 years, Sensei functioned as a typical herd sire until a funny thing happened. In 2015, people from all corners of the country began showing up in Brady to “look” at our outstanding bull and find out if we would sell him. Little did we know, there was something more special going on than we could ever have imagined.

The American Wagyu Association began testing registered Wagyu cattle for recessive genetic disorders common in the breed in 2010.  When members were informed that the foundation bull, JVP Yasutanisakura 931 (Sensei’s sire), was a carrier of 3 of the 4 disorders, his valuable bloodline hit a wall. Very few calves that are closely related to JVP Yasutanisakura 931 have been registered since the genetic testing began in 2010. Of his 94 registered progeny, there is only one who is free of all the disorders. By sheer luck, Sensei is the one! Having another carrier foundation sire as his maternal grandsire (JVP Fukutsuru-068), it is truly amazing that this bull is disorder free. Sensei was retested in 2016 through GeneSeek which confirmed that the original results were consistent and true.

According to Chisholm Cattle Company, Sensei was entered in the 2010 Texas Bull Test, where he ranked in the top 17% for avg. daily gain and rib eye, with above average marbling. Since then, he has been busy producing F1 and 75% Wagyu calves for the Winters Family Beef business. His birth weights are low and the beef sells out almost every weekend at the farmers’ markets. His pedigree is approximately 55% Tajima, 30% Itozakura/Shimane & 15% other for a balance of marbling, growth, and milk.

Sensei’s semen presents a unique opportunity to widen your herd’s genetic base with no risk of disorder affected calves from the Sire. The first ever offering of Sensei’s semen, at the 2017 Steaks Are High Sale at Tenroc Ranch, in Salado, TX, drew a whopping $400 per straw! This was clear proof of what a special animal he is. He has worked for us, he can now work for you.

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