Wagyu Beef Cuts & Pricing

We set out to produce culinarily superior beef that is extensively dry-aged, rich with healthy fats, and free from added hormones, steroids and antibiotics and all raised from birth on our family ranch in Brady, Texas. Winters Family Beef is well marbled and dry aged a minimum of 28 days to provide the very best of steakhouse-style beef to customers, family and friends. Beef is divided into large sections of meat called primal cuts. These “primals” are then broken down into smaller individual steaks and other retail cuts.

If you are placing an order via our web shop, please add to your cart how many packages of a particular cut you would like. If you have a preference for size, please include that in the “Additional Information” section during check out. We do our best to match your size preference, but please know that we cannot necessarily give you the exact size you specify. Pickups occur at Texas Farmers’ Market at Lakeline on Saturdays 9am-1pm and Texas Farmers’ Market at Mueller on Sundays 10am-2pm

PLEASE NOTE: Our online shop is a reservation system and all orders placed through the website are for in-person pick at Texas Farmers’ Markets. If you would like to have meat shipped to you, please contact Amy & George via e-mail here.